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At illummi our passion is our products, and we believe that our collection of authentic beauty products are such that you will fall in love with them forever.

Created by a women, illummi is highly committed to show the world that there are high quality, affordable products out there to suit each and every one of us.

Everything illummi is  hand selected and tried and tested by our team of  experts. To produce even one of our items, our makeup professionals will firstly sample each product, and wear it in every situation, so we know for sure that it is long lasting and great value for money.

We recognise that modern women are ready for a change and don’t need any more clutter in their makeup kits, hence our products are long lasting and cost effective.

illummi fibre lash extending mascara is famous for promising beautiful lashes upto 150% longer and thicker without causing any damage, our eyebrow palette and stencils will give you the look of perfect celebrity brows without the expense of salon visits and our lash and brow energizer will help to grow your lashes and brows like you wouldn’t believe.

We also have a selection of must have accessories for every woman’s handbag.

Our motto is ‘your time to shine’ and with our products or the business opportunity we can offer you by becoming one of our stockists, we know you will be illumminated forever.

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