Bit the bullet, and did it… Smashed day one of Boot Camp


Oh my goodness… I can’t believe I actually did it.

I joined an 8 week body transformation boot camp class!

From the moment I paid for the 8 week body transformation boot camp I have literally been seriously bricking it. I was petrified that my trainer would be some crazy brutal beast and the other class members would all be beach body ready, protein shakes in hand, only taking part to boost them up some more. I very nearly did not go!

In the past I have done various fitness things, from Zumba to Insanity to Hula Hooping to my own crazy dance workouts at home… I even attempted skipping with my son, (seriously not advisable if you’ve ever given birth)! I have totally loved doing these, but to this day my most favourite form of exercise is walking, I absolutely love it. The alone time is precious and I love to just collect my thoughts, and chat to the universe. #affirmations.

However recently I have become slightly addicted to watching Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian, and Ex on the Beach Body SOS. Truly hooked. What I like the most is the way participants are pushed to their limits and watching them bust their guts. I love the before and after transformations and the confidence that they achieve at the end. Hence why I decided to go for it and join up. I also felt like a hypocrite, as I push my children to try new things yet I’m to scared to myself.

So this morning was the first day back to school for the kids, and after two weeks of nothing but chocolate, junk food, late nights, and 11am lie ins. It was hard work getting everyone up and out, whilst constantly feeling extremely nauseous for what was yet to come at the gym.

10am upon arrival what can I say the instructor was really nice and genuine, and not the beast I was expecting. She was just a normal full bodied woman with lots of tattoos.

The group consisted of 8 others most of which were also newbie’s. All nine of us where totally different shapes, sizes and ages. We were all there for a reason and in the exact same boat. No one was there to judge and everyone was super friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed it, except for the part when my legs and arms turned to jelly and I thought I was going to throw up.

Faced my fears.

So in conclusion, I had nothing to worry about. I faced my fears and tried something new. Plus my Adidas Flux’s finally got worn! I am super excited to try the next session and all I can do now is hope and pray that I see results in eight weeks time. My advice to anyone out there lacking in courage to try something new… Go for it, how else will it be your time to shine.


#Thisgirlcan #illummi #Yourtimetoshine






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