Slightly obsessed with Insanity here at illummi HQ


Time to confess up ! We are officially slightly  obsessed with Shaun T, and Insanity, here at illummi HQ.

Put out by Beach Body, Insanity is intense and hardcore training, in a series of 10 DVDs that go from 16 minutes to an hour. The sessions are led by the super pumped Shaun T. His team consists of a bunch of topless men and sports bra clad amazingly fit women!

Whats the hype, well Beach Body promises couch sitters incredibly ripped muscles in 60 days. You will go through a series of “insane,” repetitive exercises that will leave you in a sweaty heap on the floor trying not to vomit whilst trying to breath at the same time – but its an amazing feeling to get to the end. (trust me)

Before discovering  Shaun T, I had tried Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, absoloutely loved it…Insanity however is on another level, it really gets to you, and you will honestly feel guilty even considering missing a session.

The beauty of Shaun T is his personality you end up loving and hating him in the space of around 60 seconds!! His body and those of his team is enough motivation to get anyone moving. That mixed with his voice screaming at you to keep going as he pushes you through the motions, moves and jumps he’s created. The best bit is hearing him huffing and puffing, kinda makes you feel good for sticking at it.

I  know that since I have been doing Insanity (about a month now) my weight loss hasnt been drastic and no I am not ripped yet (that would have been amazing) I have most definately lost a few inches, and am immensly proud of myself for getting this far. The Insanity endorphins are massively addictive, and the feeling of getting through a session dripping in sweat barely breathing is a priceless feeling! Thanks Shaun T




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